Shagang 5m heavy plate mill equips with the machines, process and control technology from Siemens and ABB. The products will be supplied to the shipbuilding, oceaneering, boiler and pressure vessel, pipeline, architecture building, bridge, machinery and automobile, etc. The series products of shipbuilding plates have been certificated by 9 classification societies.

1. Product Specification
(1)General rolling product
Thickness: 6~220mm
Width: 900~4800mm
Length: 25m
Unit Weight: 32.3t
(2)TMCP product
Thickness: 6~100mm
Width: 900~4800mm
Length: 25m
Weight: 32.3t
(3)Heat-treated product (including N, T, N+T and Q+T, etc.)
Thickness: 6~150mm
Width: 900~4800mm
Length: 25m
Unit weight: 32.3t
Max. thickness of Q+T plate: 100mm
(1)The products can be delivered after sizing operation or free edge from the clients’ request.
(2)The plate width after rolling is 1300~4900mm, length 1000~52000mm.

2. Product Mix
(1)Hot rolled ship structural plate
(2)Pipeline plate
(3)Structural plate
(4)Heat treated structural plate
(5)Energy & pressure vessel plate
(6)Heat treated ship & oceaneering structural plate
(7)Die steel plate

Shagang 1700mm and 1450mm hot rolled strip coil plants are equipped with the advanced process engineering from the well-known multinational companies of VAI and Danieli, and driving control system from ABB Company; all these facilities have reached the international advanced level. The continuously hot rolled product has the advantages of high strength and premium toughness, which is easy to be shaped and welded, widely used in machinery, architecture, ship, automobile, bridge and pressure vessel, etc.

1. Product Specification
Thickness: 1.2~20mm
Width: 750~1550mm
2. Product Mix
(1)Structural steel
(2)Pipeline and gas cylinder steel
(3)Hot rolled strip for cold rolling
(4)Non-oriented electrical steel
(5)Automobile steel
(6)Weathering resistance steel
(7)Strip coil for shipbuilding
(8)Strip coil for saw blade

Shagang is the largest supplier of premium wire rod products in China. Our wire rod products have the advantages of stable chemical element, minimum deviation, high cleanness, low inclusion, fine metallurgical structure and property, also wide range on specifications and high accuracy on dimensions as well as good surface quality. The quality of the wire product has been awarded by the titles of “Quality Gold Cup on Metallurgical Product”, “Premium Metallurgical Product” and “National Customers’ Satisfied Product”, etc. which are widely used in the construction engineering, automobile, oil field, mine, and so on. The main products are pre-stressed steel wire, steel strand wire, tire cord wire, spring steel, cold heading steel, and galvanized steel wire for bridge cable rope, high carbon steel and steel wire for welding.

Product Mix
(1)PC wire rod for steel wire and strands
(2)Hot rolled rod for cold heading
(3)Medium-and-high carbon steel wire rod
(4)Quality carbon steel wire rod
(5)Wire rod for PC steel bar
(6)Wire-making non-alloy steel rod
(7)Wire rod for reinforcement fibre material in rubber product
(8)Wire rod for spring steel wire for special application
(9)Wire rod for gas shielded welding wire
(10)Wire rod for galvanized steel wire and strands
(11)Steel wool wire rod
(12)Alloy structural steel rod
(13)Wire rod for reinforcement with plain surface
(14)Wire rod of ribbed steel bar
(15)Low carbon steel round rod
(16)Bearing steel rod
(17)Free-cutting steel rod
(18)Wire rod for low-carbon steel fiber
(19) Wire rod for copper-clad steel wire
(20)Wire rod for tire cord
(21)Wire rod for alloy welding wire

Shagang is the Model Enterprise for its high-strength steel bar in Jiangsu Province. Brand “Shagang” hot-rolled ribbed steel bar has the advantages of high strength, stable property, good anti-seismic property, etc. which is widely used in the high-level, long-span and anti-seismic construction engineering field, such as Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai World Expo., Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, Shanghai Maglev Transportation, Zhenjiang Runyang Bridge, etc. Brand “Shagang” hot-rolled ribbed steel bar has been always the first choice of client and got the title of “Client satisfied product”, etc.

Product Mix
(1)Hot rolled rebar for reinforced concrete
(2)Carbon rebar for reinforced concrete
(3)Wire rod for reinforcement with plain surface
(4)Wire rod of ribbed steel bar

Huaigang Special Steel Co., ltd, Xixing Special Steel Co., ltd, Anyang Yongxing Steel Co., Ltd., these three subsidiaries of Shagang have formed ability to produce special steel products of round billet for forging, oceaneering steel, various flat steel, oil well steel, high-pressure boiler steel, automobile steel, bearing steel, spring steel, steel-ball steel, tube billet, etc.

Product Mix
(1)Carbon structural steel
(2)Hi-quality carbon structural steel
(3)Alloy structural steel
(4)Structural steel of guaranteed through thickness properties after quenching
(5)Spring steel
(6)Bearing steel
(7)Carbon tool steel
(8)Alloy tool steel
(9)Chain and ring steel
(10)Tube blank
(11)Railway vehicle steel
(12)Fastening piece and oil pumping pusher steel
(13)Ball steel
(14)Flat steel
(15)Band steel

Shagang special round tube billet, square billet are mainly used in the manufactures of large forgings, anchor chain forgings, oil well sleeving, pipeline and wellhead assemblies, high-pressure boiler pipe billet, wind power generation rotating supporter, coal mining hydraulic supporting device, steel ball, cold-working/hot-working die, plastic mould, as well as various areas of forging rollers. The max. diameter of the product can reach 600mm, with the features of high cleanness, premium surface quality, even distribution in chemistry and high quality macrostructure, etc.

Products Mix
(1)Billet of low-alloyed high strength steel
(2)Round billet of premium carbon structural steel
(3)Round billet of alloyed structural steel
(4)Tubular billet
(5)Billet of high pressure boiler pipe steel
(6)Round billet of anchor chain steel
(7)Billet of oil well pipe and pipeline steel
(8)Billet of land & ocean petroleum and natural gas exploitation facility steel
(9)Billet of petroleum cracking pipe steel
(10)Billet of low-alloyed tool steel
(11)Billet of spring steel
(12)Billet of bearing steel
(13)Billet of structural steel of guaranteed through thickness properties after quenching
(14)Billet of pinion steel
(15)Billet of railway vehicle steel
(16)Continuous casted round steel billet
(17)Square billet
(18)Die casting ingot

Shagang has formed the production capacity of 2.6 million tons of cold rolled products annually, equipped with auxiliaries as pickling, continuous annealing, silicon steel, zinc (aluminium) coating, tin coating machines, etc. Its equipments and technology were supplied by the well-known Companies such as SIEMAG, CMI and TMEIC, etc., which all stand on the advanced level in the world. The main products include tin coated strip, zinc (aluminium) coated strip, non-oriented silicon strip, annealed strip, cold rolled strip coil and hot rolled pickled strip coil. They are widely used in automobile structure, household appliances, construction steel, food and beverage packaging steel, electrical steel.

1. Product Specification
Thickness: 0.18~2.0mm
Width: 800~1300mm
2. Product Mix
(1)Cold rolled continuous annealing product
(2)Hot rolled pickled product
(3)Cold rolled hardened product
(4)Hot-galvanized product
(5)Electrolytic tin coated product
(6)Non-oriented electrical product

Zhangjiagang Shagang Jinzhou Steel Pipe Co., Ltd now has a production line with JCOE process to produce big diameter straight seam double-sided submerged arc welding pipe, which has annual output capacity of 200,000 tons. JCOE welding steel pipe production line has adopted the process of asymptotic bending forming, so that the stress can be evenly distributed and pipe shape can be kept well; The adopted pre-welding process combines with finished-welding process can guarantee a stable welding process with high welded seam quality; The straight welded seam can be easily implemented for nondestructive testing during the production process; After the treatment of expanding the steel pipe diameter by overall machinery, its internal stress is small with even distribution. This kind of pipe can effectively prevent stress from corrosion cracking with high dimensional accuracy so that it is easy to carry out the spot welding construction; Due to their various pipe product specifications as well as the fast and simple conversion specification, they can produce small diameter, large wall thickness of steel pipe, and also produce large diameter, large wall thickness of steel pipe, so as to achieve any diameter size for pipe products within the production range.

1. Product Specification
Pipe diameter: φ406mm~φ1626mm(16"~64")
Pipe length: 3.0m~12.3m(10'~40')
Pipe wall thickness: 6.4mm~54.0mm(1/4"~2⅛")

2. Product Scope
(1)Pipeline pipe
Material: API 5L(A,B,X42-X80)
Diameter: 406mm-1626mm(16"~64")
Wall thickness: 6.4mm-54mm(1/4"~2⅛") Standard: API 5L, GB/T 9711, ISO3183, etc.
Application: Pipeline for petroleum and natural gas transmission on land and sea floor.
(2)Structural pipe and low pressure fluid delivery pipeline
Material: GradeA-E, Q215-345, etc.
Diameter: 406mm-1626mm(16"~64")
Wall thickness: 6.4mm-54mm(1/4"~2⅛")
Standard: GB/T 3091, etc.
Application: Low pressure pipeline for fluid transmission, and various weighted and stressed structural parts, etc.

Shagang has eight imported production lines of steel strand wire, their specification can cover from 1×7-Φ9.50mm to 1×7-Φ21.6mm, with annual output capacity of 300,000 tons. “Pre-stressed concrete strand wire” in short term of “pre-stressed strand wire” has the feature of high strength and low slackness. Embedded the pre-stressed strand wire into the concrete has not only enforced the loading ability of the structure, but also reduced the fracture surface of the concrete structures, as well as saved 30-40% of steel materials and 40% of concrete; which has improved the service life of the pre-stressed concrete structure so as to improve the safety and reliability of buildings. Meanwhile, it can greatly increase the beam span and reduce the support columns, in order to improve the utilization rate of the storeys.

Product Mix
High Strength Low Slackness Pre-stressed Strands